Tali Isseroff
What do I do and where
I am a clinical psychologist (MA) specializing in child psychology. My clinic, equipped for treating children through play, as well as for treating adolescents and adults, is located in Ramat Hasharon in a center shared by professionals from a range of treatment disciplines.

Areas of experience and expertise
My clinical experience includes extensive work with children and adolescents, accompanied by parent counseling and parent-child treatment sessions, from short term child/parent interventions within the framework of the school, through treatment in mental health clinics, to treatment of adolescents in a psychiatric hospital setting. My experience also extends to educational psychology, and clinical psycho-didactic testing for the diagnosis of learning disabilities.

I believe in an integrative approach
In my work with children, I believe in the importance of integrative work that includes the various frameworks in which the child participates – the school, the family, and so on. That's why, parallel to treating the child, I provide parent counseling with a view toward the total family dynamic, as well as cooperating with the school when necessary. In addition, I give my full attention to neurological aspects such as temperament, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, cognitive abilities, language skills, and more. This is done with a deep understanding of the influence of each of these aspects on the child's total performance, and the dangers of mistaken diagnoses regarding the child's difficulties.

Mind and body – one total system
Another important aspect of my work is my belief that mind and body must be seen as an integrated whole. My experience with such body-centered techniques of psychotherapy as guided imagination, EMDR therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), and Somatic Experience, has shown me the extraordinary power these can have among children and adolescents for the treatment of trauma, anxiety, panic attacks, and enhancement of self-esteem. In particular, the Somatic Experience technique results in rapid alleviation even of the most severe incidences of anxiety among children, while also effective in parent counseling. In addition, within the framework of my work at Abarbanel Psychiatric Hospital, I established an integrative treatment program that included Yoga and Shiatsu as part of the support framework for parents of children under treatment at the hospital.

Letting the child choose his/her mode of expression
I believe in the importance of giving the child the opportunity to express him/herself in the way that suits them best. That's why I provide the child with a range of means of expression, including special cards, games, crafts, and more. The child can then choose the language through which to express his/her inner world.

Opportunities for growth
I see every new encounter as an opportunity for growth. I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have or to arrange a meeting. Feel free to contact me by phone or email and I'll get back to you at my earliest.

Tali Isseroff
Mobile phone: 0544-868809
Email: tali.isarov@gmail.com
Clinic: 16 B Szold st. Ramat-Hasharon